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Who We Are?

TSB is committed to conduct business properly. We firmly believe that exemplary performance and dedication are crucial to fulfilling TSB's core business goals and values.

TSB has beautifully categorized potential buyers across all over India and which helps to match right product with right potential buyers. TSB always focus on small manufacturing units which uses waste of big industries as raw material because they come out as the most potential buyers and brake mediator chain of regular salvage/scrap dealers which helps to obtain highest value of the product.

TSB makes it easy for Buyers to find, inspect, bid and win the right products that they are looking for. TSB is a specialist company, providing on-line platform to sell salvage/scrap/surplus material for Insurance and Non-Insurance sectors. Its ranges of services are independent, impartial and confidential certification

Our Journey

TSB, was founded by Mr. Amit Gupta (BE-Prod), Mr. Ashesh Pandey (PGDMSM) and Mr. Adamya Goel (IT handler) in 2014 with 6 years experience of Salvage Management and 15 years experience of Corporate Sectors, is a growing company.

The combined experience of production industry, marketing and sale management and latest IT technologies has given a clear advantage in salvage marketplace by using complete knowledge of salvage/scraps/waste/unused/stocks with appropriate marketing with e-Auction Platform to create transparent and healthy competition.

After serving 4 years now TSB has developed relationships with Surveyors, Insurance Sectors and Brokers.

Our Policy

OUR POLICY – YOUR SALVAGE PARTNER is to associate with manufacturing companies, insurance claims, mishandled cargos and asset recovery working together to recover as much money as possible for their salvage goods which helps in two ways, financially and environmentally.