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Running Bids

Mixing Dump Mill Roll

Product Id: TSB32
Location: Jhajjar, Haryana

Flood Water Inundation Affected Spare Parts of Cranes Stock.

Product Id: TSB31
Location: Solan,HimachalPradesh

Printer Ink

Product Id: TSB21
Location: Bharuch, Gujarat

Transit Affected 4070 Nos. of Bags Cement Bags.

Product Id: TSB53
Location: Vaishali, Bihar

Malt Packed in Polylined HDPE Bags

Product Id: TSB56
Location: Rewari,Haryana

Lasser Machine

Product Id: TSB71
Location: Kanpur,UP

Synthetic Yarn Manufacturing Machines & Compressors, etc..

Product Id: TSB75
Location: Surat,Gujarat

Cyclone Water Affected Laminate Stock salvage

Product Id: TSB107
Location: Kolkata

Cyclone Affected 5440 nos. of Cement Bags

Product Id: TSB133
Location: Balasore, Odhisa

Water Affected Cement Bags

Product Id: TSB134
Location: Dehri On Sone, Bihar

Cyclone Affected 10915 Nos. Laminated Sheets Salvage

Product Id: TSB143
Location: Kolkata

Cyclone Affected 23480 nos. Cement Bags

Product Id: TSB146
Location: Lakshmanpur Kolkata